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Five Reasons To Join A Coworking Community

Have you been on the fence about joining a shared office space? Not sure if you will enjoy it or wondering whether the cost is worth the experience?    The coworking model has become increasingly popular across the world as…

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Introducing Fatih Kocak to the DeKamer Family

The coworking sector has become more appealing to creatives, digital nomads, and freelancers as it offers lease flexibility for anyone on the move. It also provides a space where everyone can focus on their work. That said, a key strength…

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Q&A with Karel Stoop: Artist and Performer

Karel Stoop is an interesting DeKamer coworker. He has been part of the community since January 1, 2013 – so we are getting ready to celebrate 10 years together!  Karel is a life-long artist and also the founder and director…

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