(Frequently asked questions)

Welcome to your space!

De Kamer is a member-centered office away from home, with locations throughout the Netherlands, offering personalised coworking hubs.

De Kamer links a vast group of independent professionals and is an ecosystem that allows for business growth and innovation with hassle-free office management, freeing you up to focus on what you want to achieve.

De Kamer unlocks services and solutions to small business and distributed teams through cost sharing initiatives, for the improvement and development of your business. 

Take advantage of your space by telling us how you would like it to be set up, and every time you arrive, your space will be ready!

Due to Covid-19 and for your own safety, we kindly ask you to book your space in advance in order to comply with protocols. Due to Covid-19, a number of our De Kamer locations can only be visited by appointment.

Ask your Community Manager for the policies in force, for the WiFi details, and for any additional services you may need.

There are a number of ways to receive your post at De Kamer locations:

  1. Once post is delivered at your location we can scan and upload it to your Zapfloor (Ask your Community Manager for more information). The scan will be saved in Zapfloor and you will receive an email. This is our most popular option!

This option includes up to 10 pieces of post per month at no additional charge, and excludes any advertising (unless arranged otherwise).

Above 10 pieces of post, you will be charged €1 per piece.

Flat rates can be negotiated if you expect to receive more than 10 pieces as  a regular occurrence.

  1. The post can be scanned and uploaded to your own selected cloud storage solution.
  2. You can arrange with your Community Manager to collect it when you are in the area.

Here you can arrange with your Community Manager to send you a text message of the unopened letter and you can decide whether you’d like to collect it or have it scanned and uploaded.

  1. Your mail can also be sent to you with NLPost or by courier. This will cost €5 per sending plus the actual costs of sending, or you can arrange for a flat fee of €20 per month.

Any combination of the postage options can be arranged.

You must remember to keep your forwarding address updated and to let us know if you add a trade name.  Post in names unknown to us is returned to sender.

Post is kept for 30 days and then destroyed as per GDPR or can be archived on request for €9 per month. 

If you are expecting a shipment or delivery, let your Community Manager know to expect it. Parcels delivered to De Kamer locations will be stored for safekeeping until the recipient collects. Any parcels that need to be refused must be arranged with the Community Manager.

Simple administrative tasks can be done and are charged at €25 per hour.  An incremental charge is accrued for each 15 minute segment. 


To find the full list of costs see more here.

Remember to book your space in advance during Covid-19.

To book your space you can do this in a number of ways:

  1. Book through Zapfloor, the App or desktop version.
  2. Send an email, text or call your Community Manager, or call

Remember to book your guests in advance during Covid-19.

In order to book guest meeting you at your location, you need to:

  1. Let your Community Manager know what time you are expecting your guests.
  2. Book through Zapfloor, the App or desktop version.
  3. When they arrive, your Community Manager will receive and seat your guests, and let you know that they have arrived.

Rent for De Kamer is paid in advance. In the third week of the month the invoices are sent for the coming month. Should the rent remain unpaid then the company is placed on Hold status.  This means that you cannot book the space or use its services and the post is not scanned or sent to you until the open balance is paid or we reach a repayment agreement.

If payment is not made after three reminders, permission to use our address as your office can be rescinded and your business removed from the system and also from the Chamber of Commerce Business Register. In this case visitors and post will be refused and post returned to sender.

Invoices are sent monthly unless you want another arrangement. If you should want to receive your invoices annually, biannually, or per quarter please let Jeannine van der Linden know and she will change it for you.

Payment can be made via Zapfloor with a credit card or iDeal. Online payment can be made to IBAN NL77 RABO 0133 0842 21 tnv De Kamer Inc.

Automatic payment is of course possible, via Zapfloor or via GoCardless by clicking on this link.

Should there be any questions or problems regarding invoicing or payment, please contact Jeannine or your Community Manager.

How do I use Zapfloor and Included?

Ask your Community Manager for more information

It is especially important in a shared office space such as ours that our coworkers feel safe and at home.  We are doing business in a community of earned trust and this is one of the ways the trust is earned.  Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) checks are required by the DUtch government as well, to lessen the possibility of criminals and fraudsters making use of De Kamer’s locations to host their illegal activities. Therefore these checks are important to keep DeKamer and other coworkers making use of the locations safe as well as to protect the greater public. 

Regulations state that an entity is obliged to have copies of the personal data of their users and to keep it safe for five years after the business relationship ends. At De Kamer we take special care to ensure that the personal data of our coworkers are safe and secure. We ensure that no personal data is leaked or shared internally or externally for the safety of our users and their identities.

Ask your Community Manager for more information

Get to know the policies of your location:

  1. Terms of use*

Find the Covid-19 policies per location in Zapfloor or contact your Community Manager.

Ask your Community Manager for local business that you can make use of during your time at De Kamer, and if you know of any hidden gems, let your Community Manager know to add it to Included Local.