How to Have a Healthier Lifestyle

What type of people do we think about when we think of coworking space users? The majority of us would answer this question with: freelancers, writers, startups, or small businesses. 


But, that is not always the case. Meet our unique user Reiner Manstetten, founder of Trilandis-Greenlife. He is a German-born chef that has many years of experience and is focused on creating green eating.  


His story

Reiner was born in Aachen and with a passion for cooking. He has always believed in making everything from scratch.


He has had an interesting and diverse work experience, he worked as a chef for five years before he founded his IT company. He worked in the IT industry for 20 years, but due to some events outside of his control, he decided to close his business and work for other companies. 


One of his friends called him up and said that they needed a cook and if he would be willing to meet up. Reiner thought, “well, I haven’t cooked in years, but sure” and decided to meet his friend. 

How it all started 

Around 8 years ago he saw that young cooks in restaurants were using Knorr packages when preparing food. And, he realised that training on how to prepare things from scratch is vital. So, he started teaching the young cooks on how to prepare stocks from base-ingredients. 


“Preparing things from scratch not only gives it a better taste, but it is much healthier,” says Reiner. Sometimes restaurants look for easy solutions, but it is not always the answer as the quality and taste of the food is affected. 


So, Reiner took it upon himself to not just teach young cooks how to make things from scratch, but how to ensure that it is healthy. He showed them how to locally source ingredients for their dishes to ensure that the best taste is achieved. 


Reiner started picking up weight and wanted to live healthier by eating food that could be prepared quickly and easily. He quickly realised that pre-packaged meals were the norm where he lived and decided that something was missing to enable people to eat healthier and more tasty food.


“Healthy food does not take long, come to my kitchen and you will find that I can prepare a meal in 10 minutes. I show my students how to do it,” Reiner says. He also points out that there is no need to cook like Jamie Oliver, or Johan Lafer, or other celebrity chefs, especially not if you are cooking for yourself. 


That is how he started his cooking school, De-Kookschool. He wanted people to know the importance of freshly cooked meals and how easy it can be to lose weight once your diet changes. On top of that, he also founded Trilandis-Greenlife in 2012, as a food service for healthy and sustainable living. 


Living green helps you and our planet


Reiner points out that buying vegetables from local sources is much healthier for your body than going to the supermarket. Or even better, he says, is to grow your own at home. According to him, vegetables are over-watered in mass production and contain around 21% more water than they are supposed to. 


Not only does it impact your health, but the health of the planet. Reiner says that when preparing food it is important to think of the impact that the food will have on your body and also the planet. It is then when we start considering what choices we want to make.


According to Reiner, more small farms are needed in the Netherlands, and also the world. He points out how damaging big productions can be for the quality of the vegetables and fruits, and also to the soil. His opinion is that small farms should be supported more as they are the ones who look after their lands and products. 


He also strongly believes in education for sustainable development and shows his students how important it is to be aware of their carbon footprint. Not only does he teach them how to use ingredients that come from sustainable sources, but also how important it is for the future of the planet and the environment overall. 


Improve your health by eating better 


“Cooking can be easy and rewarding,” says Reiner. He says that he can teach almost anyone to make interesting and healthy dishes at home. The best way to live healthy is by preparing your own meals. That way you know exactly what the meal contains and what is consumed by your body. 


Reiner says that he receives phone calls from people who have attended his classes. “They usually thank me, but sometimes they ask me to explain something to them again that they learned in class because they forgot how to do it.” He says that he does not have a problem with explaining something again. 


“I see them come back,” Reiner says. The students are so happy with the results that they get at home that they are prepared to learn more. The best part is that they always seem to bring their friends with them, admits Reiner. 

What you can learn in his workshop

There are many things that Reiner teaches at his workshops, but one thing that always fascinates the students are all of the things that can be made with beetroot. One of the dishes he is proud of, is the beetroot carpaccio. 

Another dish he makes with beetroot is made with yellow beetroot, pea chips, walnuts and a mustard dressing. “It’s very easy,” he says “you can learn how to make it in under five minutes with enough practice.”


He focuses on ingredients that are easily and locally sourced and shows the students how to create Chinese, American and even Italian styled dishes with those ingredients. Sometimes there is a crossover in the ingredients or dishes, but what’s important to him is that the ingredients are fresh and local. 


“Remember,” Reiner concludes “simple dishes are delicious, but if you present them in a professional way, they will taste even better.” 


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