The end of the Brexit transition period is around the corner (31 December 2020) and still most people don’t know what the new rules are and how exactly this will affect their businesses (big or small). If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner that depends on a strong relationship with the UK and vice versa to do your business, you might be facing some tough times ahead. Brexit will influence things such as imports/exports, safety standards, transfer personal data, movement of people across the borders, legal/tax position etc. and ultimately cost you a lot more money and administrative headaches.

What’s still not clear…

It’s still not clear whether it will be a hard or soft Brexit as the UK and the European Union have been able to reach a trade agreement. If they cannot reach a trade agreement by 31 December 2020, it will be a hard Brexit. There are summaries currently available on what some of the new regulations will be but the full extent of these are still not clear. Should it come to a hard Brexit it means that the financial impact and regulations will be much higher and stricter which will cost more time, money and resources.

How the Netherlands and De Kamer can help you 

Due to the increased costs and bureaucratic nightmare that Brexit has had on international companies (UK/EU and EU/UK), many have had to close down their subsidiaries (or branches) in EU countries and cancel contracts with partners and service providers in those regions. This however creates opportunities for smaller companies and entrepreneurs based in Europe to extend their services to the UK left by the gap in the market. But how to surmount these new difficulties posed by Brexit? The Netherlands and De Kamer may be the solution for you!

The Netherlands is ideally located within Europe and in close proximity to the UK making it a convenient location for companies to establish a foothold in Europe. Furthermore, the benefits of establishing companies in the Netherlands include a good infrastructure and good taxation regime. The Netherlands has also come in first place for the second year in a row as the country with best non-native English speakers which is a major advantage when it comes to clear and concise communication with clients and partners in the UK. The Netherlands also allows small businesses and entrepreneurs (ZZP’ers) to quickly and easily register their businesses with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). 

De Kamer, founded by Jeannine van der Linden, is a company with a network of coworking spaces located all over the Netherlands. De Kamer provides a supportive ecosystem for small businesses to grow gradually (and thus sustainably). As a member, you have access to all their coworking spaces to work from and you can also use De Kamer’s coworking spaces as a base to register your business in the Netherlands. De Kamer manages all the properties which means a few things less you need to worry about (building regulations, rent, service costs, etc.).

Whether you’ve already done your homework on the new rules, none at all or if you’ve done some research but waiting for things to become clearer, the team at De Kamer will be able to assist. Plus, you get the added benefit of sharing a work environment with like-minded, highly talented individuals that can result in some amazing collaborations. 

Thanks to the Netherlands and De Kamer’s grasp of the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs during these uncertain times, you won’t just survive Brexit but, because you’ll be better prepared and have the necessary infrastructure, be able to thrive!

Guest blog based on an interview with: Adan Ashrir

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