Warehousing. Something that can keep small business owners awake at night. Whether you’re importing, exporting, or selling locally, as an entrepreneur, there are many things to consider when selecting a location for the storage of your merchandise.

When starting a business that sells goods, many people start out on the kitchen table, and eventually when the business outgrows its homely location, it needs to carefully scale one size up. That next step can easily be taken in DeKamer’s direction. Because there are no prerequisites with stock holding, unlike many of the other warehousing giants, DeKamer suits that in-between phase.

There are two convenient locations in The Netherlands that have the space available for warehouse purposes. The first is Kamer4 in Rijsenhout, a stone’s throw from Schiphol. Closest to air transport, Kamer4 has office and storage space available.

The second facility, Kamer36 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is well situated for logistics on the ground where The Netherlands connects to the rest of Europe and is equipped to store, send and receive packages. This is a major business hub and busy trade area.

One of the unique factors about renting warehouse space from DeKamer is that not only are you able to work out a bespoke warehousing solution for your business, but you also have the resources at hand to make it a success.

Patricia van der Bosch from Kamer79, has a number of years’ experience when it comes to logistics and shipping and the complexities around this. Patricia is available for consulting in these cases and can assist with advice on UK businesses operate as an EU office.

The option even exists to have local freelancers operate and manage the warehouse even if you’re not physically there. This model has grown since Covid and people not being too inclined to venture from their homes, but also with Brexit, the opportunity to trade from The Netherlands and be based in the UK is simple.

Imports and exports have taken a serious knock since the 1 st of January 2021 between the UK and EU, and with much uncertainty still hanging in the balance, and processes taking much longer than anticipated, businesses that once operated on demand-supply have seen devastating consequences thanks to changes in policies. So much so that many have started considering taking up their own inventory, and with that, the call for more affordable warehouse space.

It is easier for smaller businesses to respond in the face of a crisis, but unpredictability is the death of these setups. Making a sound choice in the early stage of a business, with the flexibility of tailored services and resources will go a long way in ensuring business continuity.

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