The coworking sector has become more appealing to creatives, digital nomads, and freelancers as it offers lease flexibility for anyone on the move. It also provides a space where everyone can focus on their work. That said, a key strength about coworking is how it is able to bring a community together around doing business and ultimately form connections. 


With the rise and growth of coworking, it is also important to ensure that coworking spaces grow and adapt to the present. Kamer52 has undergone some changes, and we are happy to welcome Fatih Kocak as the new community manager and a new member of our community. 

Who is Fatih and what principles does he live by?

Fatih started his career at 14-years of age with an internship at the local barbershop. His teacher was a professional in his field, having been a Turkish barber who started his own career in 1993 in Turkey. He was a demanding but talented mentor. This mentor had been in the industry for quite some time and has gained many years of experience, explains Fatih, as he “opened his first shop in the Netherlands in 2008”. 


When Fatih first started working as an apprentice he welcomed and took coats from the customers upon arrival, cleaned the shop during working hours and offered refreshments to the customers. After working as an apprentice and gaining experience in the field he became a professional Turkish barber. 


The traditional role of a Turkish barber is an important one. There’s a heritage and history to Turkish barbering, and an unrivalled service that draws on tradition, friendliness and charm. Respect for barbering as a craft is also widespread and so the skills of Turkish barbers are unrivalled. And it’s not just barbering skills and technique that are considered though. A Turkish barber shop is an important focus of the community – customers feel welcome and comfortable in these shops, like a home away from home. A barber will act as a confidant and friend, and will be someone his clients can go to for help and support.

Once Fatih became more experienced in the field, he gained enough courage to open his own shop. Since opening, he has taken on three apprentices, who are learning the profession much as he did when he was young. 


As he was given an opportunity early in life, he finds that it is only right to give the youth of today the same opportunity. From his experiences learned over the years and also the experience he is giving to others, Fatih states that his life motto is “to support the youth because they are the future.” 

What has he learnt through entrepreneurship and where is he in business today?

Today Fatih is still a professional barber, but, his interests have also expanded over the years to include jewellery making. What caught Fatih’s interest about jewellery was how even a seemingly small piece can say a whole lot about the wearer. This interested him to explore the field of jewellery creation even further.


With this new-found interest, Fatih began his self-study journey and it has gradually formed his new found love for jewellery creation. Fatih is currently starting his own brand. However, he says that this is “still a concept and is being worked on.” 


Fatih started working from a young age and gained extensive knowledge and experience over the years from being an apprentice and also having his own business. This has taught him how to work hard and take responsibility through entrepreneurship. 

What is a strength that DeKamer has and what does he hope to bring to the business?

Fatih explains that some of the key strengths DeKamer has is the “communication and clarity” it provides for all of its members. As Kamer52 is a coworking community designed for artists, freelancers, trainers, coaches, and many more, Fatih will be joining a family of creatives who are driven to achieve success in their careers  just like him. 


One of the reasons for Fatih’s excitement in joining the DeKamer community is that he wants to improve the skills he has accumulated over the years. Additionally, he wants to learn more about coworking and the community that comes with it.


Fatih believes that the DeKamer family is a great organisation that can help creatives, freelancers, and business owners achieve success. It is a space where you can focus and form firm connections with other creatives, digital nomads, and freelancers in different fields. It is a space that has a family-like community and feel, says Fatih. 


Fatih emphasises his excitement about the opportunity to continue giving it that personal family touch as the community manager.  


Having learnt how to be a hard worker and having a strong sense of responsibility rooted from being an apprentice and a barber, as well as the self-taught skill of being a jeweller, can in turn create a unique family atmosphere for Kamer52. 


Fatih believes that the  working skills he attained through hard work, which he learned over the years will allow him to achieve this familial community. Inevitably he will have the drive needed to succeed as an ideal  community manager.

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