Samantha Schoonderwoert, at 37, is the new community manager of Kamer52. She is a dedicated and resilient individual who wears multiple hats as a part-time employee at DeKamer and a devoted single mother. Juggling the responsibilities of a job and parenthood, Samantha’s life is a testament to her strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to her child. However, this isn’t the first DeKamer has seen of Samantha. A year ago, she applied for the same role. That decision came down to one of two people,and Samantha was not chosen. But when the role came open again, Jeannine van der Linden, DeKamer’s owner and founder, remembered Sam and looked up her CV. That brings us to October when Jeannine called Samantha to ask whether she was still interested in the role. And now, we have a new community manager. 

Before DeKamer, Samantha worked to help make Dutch society accessible to newcomers in the Netherlands. There, she learned all of the skills required to integrate people into communities. She also speaks fluent English, Dutch, and German, allowing her to help more people in their native tongue. Her career was put on halt temporarily by health complications. She has since made a full recovery and is showing everyone that she’s able to do any task put in front of her.

For the past five years, she has navigated the challenges of single motherhood with grace and determination. Balancing the demands of her job with the responsibilities of raising her child, Samantha is currently in the process of crafting a schedule that accommodates both her professional and personal lives – that elusive work/life balance.. She stands as an inspiring example of resilience and the capacity to thrive in multiple roles.

Samantha swiftly found her footing at DeKamer by taking on the responsibility of managing mail and actively seeking guidance from Jeannine. Currently, she contributes to the community by preparing meetings and ensuring the impeccable condition of Kamer52. Samantha’s proactive approach and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset. Navigating her role with enthusiasm and diligence she leaves an indelible mark on the DeKamer workspace.

In addition to being a dedicated single mother and a part-time employee at DeKamer, Samantha possesses a unique and valuable quality that sets her apart in the workplace. Samantha has a genuine passion for fostering connections and building relationships, particularly within the business realm. At DeKamer, she actively seeks out opportunities to bridge connections between businesses. Aiming to be a catalyst for collaboration and growth, Samantha’s vision extends beyond her role as an employee. She aspires to be a connector for business owners, recognising the immense value that collaborative networks can bring. Her enthusiasm for creating meaningful connections not only reflects her professional history but also underscores her commitment to contributing positively to the business community. Samantha’s role extends beyond the tasks on her desk; she is a dynamic force working to weave a fabric of collaboration and synergy among business owners within the DeKamer community.

Positivity and excellence 

Samantha’s guiding motto, “If you do your best, you will get the best,” encapsulates her unwavering commitment to excellence and positivity. This mantra not only reflects her work ethic but also serves as a beacon for those around her. In both her roles as a part-time employee at DeKamer and a devoted single mother, Samantha strives to bring her best self to each task, fostering an environment of diligence and optimism. Beyond personal success, Samantha’s aspirations extend to the broader goal of infusing positivity into every day. She aims to be a source of encouragement and inspiration, believing that by contributing something positive to each day, she can make a meaningful impact on others. 

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