Entrepreneurship is a journey that is not for the faint-hearted. It requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to take risks. For Samuel Op den Orth and Leonardo Hofman, the founders of Coding Delta, the COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst they needed to establish their business.

Together since the beginning

Samuel and Leonardo met in high school and quickly discovered their shared interest in technology. They spent their free time experimenting with various applications and solutions, without major breakthroughs. However, their passion for tech never faded, and after their studies, they found themselves working for different companies. Samuel worked as a business analyst for a solar panel company, while Leonardo worked as a developer for a building sensor company.

Despite their different job roles, the two friends remained in touch and continued to work on tech projects in their spare time. It wasn’t long before they realised that they could combine their skills and create something meaningful. Thus, Coding Delta was born. The pandemic may have been a reality, but it did not deter them from pursuing their dream. Instead, it fueled their desire to create a company that could help businesses navigate the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The two young entrepreneurs were determined to bring their skills and passion for technology together to create a company that could add value to society. In this article, we delve deeper into the story of Coding Delta, its founders, and the services it offers.

What is Coding Delta all about

Coding Delta is a software development company that focuses on building bespoke software and products for its clients. The company was established in 2020 when the founders saw the need to combine  their skills to add value to their network. With overlapping interests, different personalities, and backgrounds, they believed that they could leverage each other’s strengths to build a successful business.

Coding Delta has two main facets, building software and products. The company develops custom software for its clients and also works on in-house products. They offer three services that address specific needs in the market. TailoredGPT is an AI solution for small and medium-sized businesses that need to integrate AI into their processes. Boete Op De Mat is an automated objection generation tool that helps small businesses fight tax fines. Finally, roundE is an employee participation plan that helps growing businesses attract and retain top employees.

Advice for small business owners

Samuel and Leonardo emphasise the importance of validating ideas as soon as possible with as few resources as possible for small business owners. 

“Make sure you can validate your idea as soon as you can with as little as you can,” explains Samuel. 

A simple landing page with an explanation and a form to leave an email address behind can help measure volume and traffic sources. From there, small iterations can be made, accepting one feature request at a time from the user base.

The importance of coworking

As coworkers in De Kamer since 2017, Samuel and Leonardo attest to the importance of coworking spaces for business owners. 

“This is the reason why we believe that coworking is so important for business owners. It provides a space to connect with like-minded individuals who face similar challenges and can offer support and advice,” says Leonardo. 

Coworking is a space where businesses can come together to connect and work. It can lead to new business opportunities and growth.

“An important value that anyone within a network profits from is insight into problems that fellow business owners are facing. These problems become the bedrock upon which ideas flourish. A network adds value to the individual by proposing problems, and an individual adds value to the network by returning ideas and potential solutions,” agrees Samuel and Leonardo. 

De Kamer, a network of coworking spaces in the Netherlands, is able to offer SMEs, startups, and independent workers a place to set up their offices and run their businesses from.  De Kamer also offers a postal address and registration address in the Netherlands to register a company at one of the various coworking locations in the Netherlands. 

Samuel and Leonardo encourage anyone who is in need of technical support to feel free to contact them. Use this email info@codingdelta.com or follow them on Twitter @LeonardoHofman and @sam_odo.

Coding Delta’s story is one of passion, determination, and innovation. Samuel and Leonardo’s desire to create something meaningful led them to establish a tech startup that addresses the needs of SMBs in a rapidly changing business environment. With their custom software solutions and in-house products, they offer businesses the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. As they continue to grow, they remain committed to providing value to their network and the broader community. 

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